About Nollywood Travel Film Festival

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The Nollywood Travel Film Festival is Nigeria's biggest and foremost travel festival poised to take Nigerian cinema across international borders, promoting film made by Nigerians living all over the world, giving filmmakers and film lovers the platform to interact, network, and discover a new market while exposing the existing markets to a world of potential to invest in.

Launched in Toronto in 2017, the Nollywood Travel Film Festival has visited several countries including Atlanta USA, New York, Toronto, Canada, Hamburg, Berlin, London, and Glasgow UK, Oslo Norway, and Amsterdam while it currently seeks to travel to wider regions, taking actors, producers, directors, and storytellers to the host country, exposing them and their work to new opportunities, trade deals, and financing which gives them the leverage to contribute profitably, further push the barriers of Nigerian filmmaking, and tell more stories.

Over the years, our audience, participants, and sponsors have celebrated the festival's impact on their brands, careers, and art. Nollywood Travel Film Festival is positioned to become a game-changer, influencing the perception of Nigeria and Nollywood in the international film space while giving participants and sponsors the exposure that takes their brand internationally.

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