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Nollywood Travel Film Festival 2024 Italy

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Nollywood is travelling from local indie productions to noteworthy collaborations with big-time international film houses, international awards nominations, and a yearning from a new global market. The original stories told by many Nigerian filmmakers have continued to tour the globe, retelling the narrative of the nation with the second-largest film industry in the world. Nollywood employs more than a million people and generates nearly $2bn yearly from cinema tickets, DVDs, TV Rights, royalties, and fees. Nigerian cinema promises gold for talented and passionate creatives.

Still, the film industry has the capacity to do more, reach more nations, and have an even greater global impact.

This is why Nollywood Travel Film Festival is set to take Nigerian cinema across uncharted borders, discover a new global audience and attract profitable investments. For over five (5) years, Nollywood Travel Film Festival has celebrated outstanding individuals and the movies that have succeeded in capturing Nigeria’s truth, talent, and culture.

The unifying mission is to host a film festival at various international locations, screen movies, give awards, network with creatives, and engage in decision-making film discussions and showcase Nollywood as a viable investment industry.


The Nollywood Travel Film Festival is Nigeria's biggest and foremost travel festival poised to take Nigerian cinema across international borders, promoting film made by Nigerians living all over the world, giving filmmakers and film lovers the platform to interact, network, and discover a new market while exposing the existing markets to a world of potential to invest in.


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To become the number one platform for the curation, promotion, and exhibition of Nigerian films.


To be the largest film festival telling original Nigerian stories while building a strong global audience.

Target Audience

The Nollywood Travel Film Festival is targeted at independent and collaborating filmmakers who are new or existing on the Nollywood scene. These are people who are looking to see their film travel and gain global credibility. In line with the festival's mission, it also targets new markets; international bodies, and individual international sponsors. With funding in the form of investment and grants, the NTFF promises to grow into a more sustainable brand.


· To provide a platform that announces indie and collaborative filmmakers to a broad audience by taking participants to several countries, cinemas, and opportunities.

· To inspire a blooming generation of talented filmmakers by introducing them to countless possibilities locally and internationally, leading them to grow their art further and tell better stories.

· To create opportunities in distribution, film financing, co-production, exhibition, cultural and film diplomacy. · To promote positive social reorientation geared towards retelling the Nigerian story and engaging discussions through our movie screenings.

· To build a solid brand for the Nigerian film industry, a brand that advertises Nollywood as an industry ripe for greater global investment.

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